Why I.N.C.O

Inland Northwest Climbing Outfitters was founded to address the growing need for outdoor climbing instruction. More and more climbers are getting started in rock climbing at gyms, rather than outdoors. Gyms are a great place to train, but there are some climbing skills that simply can't be taught indoors. Inland Northwest Climbing Outfitters in Spokane, exists to bridge that gap, by providing high quality instruction in foundational climbing skills, lead climbing, and trad climbing.

Rock Climbing in Spokane
Photo: Jon Jonckers Photography

Meet Your Guide: Kelty Godby


Originally from small town Oklahoma, it wasn't easy to get started rock climbing. My introduction to climbing, was in 2011, at a U.S. Army Mountaineering School in Alaska. After passing the course, I was hooked; from that point forward, I spent the majority of my free time climbing with my wife, Destiny Godby. I entered active duty service, as an Infantry Officer, in 2013. As fortune would have it, I was stationed in Colorado Springs, CO, where climbing opportunities are almost endless. I left active duty service in 2017 to pursue a law degree at Gonzaga University. Half way through the degree, I decided to take a break and chase a dream.  Owning and operating a guide service had been on my bucket list, since I started climbing. With the support of friends and family, that dream has become a reality. I am now back at Gonzaga, but will continue to guide part time in Spring/Fall, and full time in the Summer. In addition to completing the Army's Mountaineering School, I hold a Wilderness First Responder Certification, and an AMGA SPI Certification.


Meet Your Guide: Samantha Todd

I hail from the East Coast, where I cut my teeth climbing on an old stone railway bridge known as the Manchester Wall, located in the heart of Richmond, VA. Immediately, I fell in love with the mechanics of climbing, as well as the community. From there, my mentors took me to proper cliffs, spending weekends at places like the New River Gorge and Seneca Rocks. Love quickly turned to passion, and I followed my heart to the Pacific Northwest; where I now reside (most of the time), in Spokane, WA . 

Since 2015, I have been on a journey to become a better climber. My favorite style of climbing is alpine rock. I love spending long days in the mountains weaving through granite cracks, looking at the valleys below. Climbing provides me perspective: the lessons I take away, always exceed the effort I put in, and can be applied to many aspects of my life. As a guide, I want to impart my knowledge about safety and risk management; so, others can test themselves and pass their previous limits. I am a certified Wilderness First Responder, and I hold an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor certification.