Climbing Areas


Local Areas

I.N.C.O. can guide at 5 local climbing areas. They are all within 45 minutes from downtown Spokane. See below for details



I.N.C.O. is permitted at Vantage. This is a phenomenal cold weather climbing area. 


Banks Lake/Northrup Canyon

We can now guide at Northrup Canyon, near Banks Lake, as well. See below for more details. 


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The Tumtum Tombstone

The Tumtum Tombstone is located on private property owned by Inland Northwest Climbing Outfitters. This area provides a great teaching/learning environment with few distractions. Routes range from 5.7+ to 5.11 with an even mix of Sport and Trad Routes, on great granite rock. 

McLellan Rock Climbing Area, Fisk State Park, Sport Lead Climbing, Traditional Rock Climbing.

McLellan Climbing Area at Fisk State Park

McLellan offers incredible climbing, with routes ranging from 5.5 to 5.13 on granite rock. The area has a good mix of sport and trad climbing. Most courses will be run at Hummel's Landing (aka The Cove). Hummel's Landing is a sub-area within McLellan; it has great climbing, in moderate grades, ranging from 5.5 to 5.10a. 

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Deep Creek Climbing Area at Riverside State Park

Deep Creek has Spokane's most difficult sport climbs on basalt rock. While most of the climbs at Deep Creek are 5.11a and up, the Billy Wall (a sub-area within Deep Creek) offers some great moderates from 5.6 to 5.10. There are no trad routes at Deep Creek, and it's not a good location to work on top rope anchors. As such, we can only offer the Sport Lead Climbing Course and Custom Courses at Deep Creek. Deep Creek is a beautiful setting and offers unique climbing on really cool rock. If you're looking to get familiar with one of Spokane's best sport climbing destinations, this may be a good pick for your sport lead climbing course. 

Vantage aka Frenchman Coulee

Vantage offers phenomenal climbing on Basalt pllars. Climbs range from 5.easy to 5.12. Vantage has about a 50/50 mix of trad and sport routes. It's one of the only areas in Washington that offers year round climbing opportunities. Vantage is a 2 hour 30 minute drive (one way) from the Spokane area, and a Discover Pass is required. You will need to provide your own transportation. Vantage sees a lot of climbing traffic, if you don't want a crowd around during your course, this may not be the best area to choose. 

Rock Climbing Vantage, Rock Climbing Guide Service  Frenchman Coulee, Learn to Rock Climb

Rock Climbing Vantage, Rock Climbing Guide Service  Frenchman Coulee, Learn to Rock Climb


Banks Lake - Northrup Canyon

Northrup Canyon, like Vantage, is a great cold weather climbing area. It sits right next to a gorgeous lake and some phenomenal camping. It is about 2 hours NW of Spokane. If you're looking to spend a day climbing and then camp or get out on the lake, this is a great spot to spend a weekend! Climbs range from 5.4 to 5.13. Northrup Canyon is primarily sport climbing, but there are a few great trad climbs as well. INCO can run all courses at this location. 

Rock climbing Rocks of Sharon
Climbing Rocks of Sharon
Dishman Hills
Iller Creek Conservation Area

Rocks of Sharon

Rocks of Sharon is located in the Iller Creek Conservation Area. This area offers some incredible views of the Palouse. The approach to this climbing area is best done from the Steven's Creek Trailhead. The approach is moderately steep and takes about 20 minutes. There is good trad and sport climbing; I.N.C.O can run trad, sport, or basics courses at this location.  



Minnehaha is a great location for climbing basics courses; however, it's not a great location for lead climbing courses. If you are short on time and need a location close to town, Minnehaha is a good choice.